Women's Seminar - Winterizing

Motorcycle Maintenance Seminar for Women

Presenter: Deb Friesen
Lesson Title: Off Season Lay Up (Winterization)
Method: Guided Discussion and Small
Group Training Activities

1. Individual Owners Manual.
2. BMW Motorrad Reparaturanleitung RII00RT, R1100RS,
R850/1100GS (OEM CD).
3. Haynes Service & Repair Manual BMW R850 & 1100 4-
valve Twins.
Audio / Visual Aids: Flip Chart, Owners Manual, Motorcycle

Part 1

Objective: Shop safety and introduction to

basic hand tools, shop tool safety, tools
you need, tools that are nice to
Part 2
Preparing for motorcycle

Part 1 will begin with a tour of the shop conducted by Teresa and
the regulations that must be followed. Then a guided discussion
by your presenter into the fascinating world of tools. Part 2 will be
a small group training activity on how to proceed with over
wintering your ride. Group discussions and personal experiences
are encouraged.

Lesson Outline:
TP 1.
Shop Safety.
a. Personal Safety
b. Tool and Equipment Safety
c. Work Area Safety
TP 2.
Motorcycle Winterization.
a. Selecting the spot
b. Detailing the bike
c. Laying up
d. The importance of OEM parts and equipment


 Safety Glasses
 Gloves
 Safety Shoes/Boots
 Hearing Protection
 Motorcycle Tool Kit
 Shop tools to include Torque Wrench, 3 / 8 -inch socket set
(metric/SAE), flashlight
 Spark Plug Gapper
 Tire Pressure Gauge
 Tread Depth Gauge
 Oil Container
 Consumables to include Oil and Filter, Crush Washer, O-
rings, Air Filter and or filter cleaning supplies (K&N), Spark
 Detailing Supplies to include Bucket and Water, Wiping
Rags, Chamois, Small and Large Cleaning Brushes, Soap,
Wax, Plastic Cleaner, Chrome Polish
 Battery Charger / Charging Adapter


Please note that any and all Safety related issues must be done by a certified motorcycle mechanic.


Please respect social distance guideline of 6' and please wear a mask indoors.